Vermont National Guard Members To Deploy In June

May 4, 2018

More than 60 members of the Vermont National Guard will deploy this June to Southwest Asia and the Middle East. Deployments typically last a year.

Members of the Vermont Army National Guard’s Charlie Company will act as a medical evacuation company along with members of the Missouri National Guard.

Maj. Jamie Lewandowski, the commander of Charlie Company, says their mission is to be on standby in case anyone needs assistance.

“So our day starts off prepping all of our equipment, personnel, getting everything aligned and redoing our equipment over and over again to make sure if we get a call, whether it's day, night, we're ready to go and launch on an aircraft,” Lewandowski said.

Officials would not disclose the exact number of troops being deployed or specific places of operation.

Correction 5:39 p.m.: An earlier version of this story misidentified those being deployed as members of the Vermont Air National Guard. Those being deployed this June are members of the Vermont Army National Guard.