Vermont Posts Names Of Biggest Tax Delinquents

Jan 13, 2015

For the first time the state has released a listing of the individuals and businesses owing the most in unpaid taxes.

The two lists, including 100 individuals and 100 businesses, are posted at the Vermont Department of Taxes website.

Together they represent more than $25 million in back taxes, not including property taxes.  

Publicly listing those who owe back taxes is a tactic used by many other states. Last year the legislature gave the tax department permission to reveal the names of those who owed the most in taxes.

Tax Commissioner Mary Peterson says the taxes owed range from about $50,000 to just over $2 million.

Vermont chose not to reveal how much is owed by each of the individuals and businesses.

“I know at least some of the states do put figures down.  We’re new at this so we thought we’d air on the side of confidentiality,” says Peterson.

The department says those on the lists have either accepted the department’s assessment of what they owe or they’ve exhausted all the available appeals.

Peterson says more than $730,000 was paid in advance by those who didn’t want to appear on the lists.

The lists will be kept online and updated as taxes are paid.