Vermont’s Family-Owned Forests

Oct 27, 2014

Forests cover about three-fourths of Vermont’s land making it one of the most heavily forested states in the country. And well over half of those forests are family owned.

Vermont Family Forests Director David Brynn and Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation Commissioner Michael Snyder discuss the challenges these family forests face, the role they play in our ecosystem, the state's Current Use program and the best practices that can be employed to keep them sustainable.

Also on the program, the ride share service Uber has made its first foray into Vermont in Burlington. But the city's attorney announced that Uber and its drivers were in violation of city law. Mike Isaac, technology reporter for the New York Times, discusses how Uber has handled similar obstacles in other cities in which they operate.

Plus, if you saw more superheroes flying around this weekend, your eyes were not deceiving you. The first Vermont Comic Con was held. VPR's Annie Russell reports on the caped crusaders and assorted villains who attended.

Broadcast live on Monday, October 27 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.