Vermont State Fair On Track To Pay Off Debts

Aug 10, 2014

The Vermont State Fair has been plagued with problems this year. In February, the fair board removed Richard Rivers, who was the president and fair manager, when it was revealed the fair was over $200,000 in debt.

Contracts with several fair vendors were canceled, and the IRS came calling for back taxes.

Don Chioffi, the new President of the Rutland County Agricultural Society, which runs the Vermont State Fair, said this summer’s fair will put them back in black.

“Right now the deficit is slightly over $100,000. We’ve managed to pay off over half. And it’s been a fairly difficult struggle but, with a volunteer board, there are people that were committed to not letting a tradition like this fade,” Chioffi said. 

Chioffi said that the fair has worked out a payment schedule with the IRS and has paid off all of 2012’s debts already.

This year the final day of the State Fair will be a benefit concert for opiate addiction treatment and rehabilitation.

“I’m trying to change the theme, trying to change the attitude, and I’m trying to change the flavor of what the Vermont State Fair means both to the state and to the local community as a participating member," Chioffi said.

The Vermont State Fair starts in Rutland on August 29th.