Vermonters, Are You Working Three Jobs? Tell Us About It.

Nov 6, 2017

Brave Little State is working on an episode about Vermonters who work multiple jobs — if that’s you, we want to hear from you.

Credit Aaron Shrewsbury

Update: We are no longer accepting submissions! Listen to your fellow Vermonters share their experiences in our finished episode: 

Vermont Hustle: What It's Like To Work 3 Jobs

Brave Little State is VPR’s people-powered journalism podcast: You ask the questions, you decide what we investigate and then we find the answers together. For our December episode, we’re taking on this question from Susan Boston, of Woodstock:

"Why do so many Vermonters have three jobs? What kind of jobs are they working at and how do they make it work?"  

Susan, who used to have three jobs herself, is wondering how others make it work. What’s a regular day/week like? What are the challenge? The pleasures? Are your jobs in related fields or totally dissimilar?

We’re hoping to include as many voices as possible in our episode. If you’d like to share your experience, we’d be deeply grateful.

Follow the instructions below to leave us a voicemail, record yourself or just get in touch via email. We may include your submission in our episode, or follow up with you if we’re interested in talking more. Thanks!

Here’s how to share your experience:

  • By phone | Call us at 802-552-4880 and leave a short message. One minute max, please! Tell us what jobs you’re working, and how things are going. Be sure to include your name, where you live and your phone number, so we can get back in touch with you.
  • By smartphone | If you have a smartphone, use the voice memo feature to record yourself. Sit in a quiet room with lots of soft surfaces (furniture, carpeting), or venture into your closet. Listen back to your recording to make sure it sounds OK, and then email it to us at We'll write back to let you know we got it.
  • By email | If it’s easier just to write us a note, email us at We’d love to hear from you!

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This post has been updated to better articulate Susan's curiosity.