Vermonters With A Driver's License Will Now Automatically Be Registered To Vote

Apr 28, 2016

Gov. Peter Shumlin signed a bill into law Thursday that backers say will add thousands of Vermonters to the voting rolls. Under the law, people will automatically be registered to vote when they get or renew a driver's license.

At a bill signing outside of Montpelier City Hall, Democratic Secretary of State Jim Condos said the proposal was a top priority for his office.

"Automatic voter registration further reduces the likelihood that any eligible Vermonter is unable to cast their vote on Election Day," says Condos. "True voter fraud is denying any eligible Vermonters the opportunity to participate in our democracy."

Vermont is now the fourth state in the country to enact automatic voter registration through its Department of Motor Vehicles.

Clarification 9:42 a.m. 4/29/16 Automatic voter registration will not extend to non-citizen drivers, according to the Vermont Secretary of State's office. Registration is automatic only after the DMV verifies that an individual is 18, a U.S. citizen and a Vermont resident.