'Visions Of The World' Exhibit: How New Americans Mesh Cultures

Oct 1, 2018

Paintings, photographs, textiles and poems created by New Americans now living in Vermont make up the new Visions Of The World exhibit, a showcase of art from immigrants with refugee backgrounds now on display in Burlington's Amy E. Tarrant Gallery.

For immigrants, especially for refugees who sacrificed so much to bring their families to safety, the personal paintings, colorful textiles and photographs of homes both old and new provide a window into the immigrant imagination and the refugee experience. 

Artist Umesh Acharya of Shelburne spoke with VPR's Mary Engisch about sharing his photography and poetry in the new show.

Acharya grew up in a refugee camp in Nepal after his family was forced to leave his native country of Bhutan in the mid-1990s. Umesh relocated to Vermont and settled first in Winooski in 2012 and then in Shelburne.

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