Visit The Canadian Maritimes With Robert Resnik

Jul 16, 2013

Robert Resnik at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland in 2008

My visit to Cape Breton and to Prince Edward Island this October with VPR caps off a series of tours I've led with ties to Celtic music and culture.  

The Celts generally moved from southeast to northwest during their European migrations,  so it makes sense that remnants of Celtic influence (design motifs, Celtic languages, and often some sort of bagpipes) can be found in northwestern Wales, northwestern France, northwestern Spain, and in virtually all of Ireland and Scotland. We have visited all of these places during the five VPR music tours that I've led over the past 13 years.  

I have often heard (usually when the tour group is tromping through beautiful bogs or marveling at some impressive rocky cliffs) how much people are reminded of Nova Scotia.  I couldn't say that myself, though…I’ve never been there.  Until now! The journey will be made even more spectacular because we have scheduled it to coincide with the 2013 Celtic Colours Festival, one of the world’s great gatherings of Celtic musicians and craftspeople.  The festival has venues all over Cape Breton, so our tour will be a non-stop musical and culinary feast.   Hundreds of musicians and dancers, wool festivals, and some of the world’s greatest scenery and seafood….all on one fun-filled tour.  

This trip promises to be something very special! I hope you'll join me! Click here for more information and to register.