VPR Cafe: 7 Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Cook

Nov 24, 2015

As the gift-giving season approaches, so too begins the search for the perfect gift for each person on your list. 

“As a receiver of kitchen gifts, I love getting things I wouldn’t buy for myself. [So] as a giver of gifts, I love being able to do that for other people,” said Candace Page, a contributor to the Savovore Section of the Burlington Free Press.

Here are Candace’s go-to sources for Vermont-made, foodie gifts.

Ironwood Designs

"One of the things I love is a beautiful woodbox…inside [this] box is a steel insert, so you have a compost box you can actually display on your counter."

Frog Hollow

"My favorite [item] this year is a painted metal peg rack…across the top are a series of vegetables and then there are pegs on which to hang your kitchen towels."

Vermont Farmtable

"You can spend as little as $10 or $12 dollars and get a miniature rolling pin that you would use for rolling out tortillas…made of a beautiful maple or tiger maple wood."

Hallhome Place Iced Cider 

"One of the things I often give for Christmas is a bottle of iced cider. They’re sweet, but not too alcoholic."

Elmore Roots 

"When it comes to fruit, I’m thinking blueberry bushes or semi-dwarf or dwarf plum tree."

Mad River Distillery and Wood's Vermont Maple 

"They are aging their rum in wood barrels. When they empty the barrels they ship them to Al Wood in Randolph. The result is a maple syrup with no alcohol but slight overtones of rum."