VPR Cafe: Algae You Can Eat

Oct 27, 2017

Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) is no friend to those who enjoy a swim in the lake but, in another form, is actually edible, high in protein and rich in certain vitamins. It's called spirulina and being grown right here in Vermont.   

Sally Pollack, a food writer for Seven Days, stopped by The VPR Cafe with a sample of this nutritious, green substance and to share the story of a UVM student who learned how to cultivate spirulina while on a trip to India. Listen in to the podcast to hear how it's is being farmed, who's growing it, what it tastes like and which foods it can be paired with.

To learn more about spirulina, which Pollak describes as seaweed-like, read her Seven Days article, "Cultivating Spirulina On A Vermont Farm."