VPR Cafe: Chef Boot Camp Focuses On Food Policy

Nov 3, 2017

When you hear about a boot camp for chefs, you probably envision great cooks preparing fine meals while bedecked in an apron and carrying a rolling pin. That wasn't exactly what went down at The James Beard Foundation Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change. 

In September, Shelburne Farms hosted this boot camp geared at getting chefs to engage on issues where food and politics collide. The event allowed these culinary pros to brainstorm ways to effectively influence Congress on food-systems policy.

Food writer and Seven Days contributor, Melissa Pasanen, had the chance to speak with some of the 14 chefs from around the country who were in attendance, and shares highlights from the boot camp in this podcast. For more on the topic, read Pasanen's Seven Days piece, "Chefs Learn To Influence Food-Systems Policy."