VPR Cafe: Delivering The Flavors Of Vermont To New York And Boston

Jul 6, 2018

Farming is grueling enough, let alone figuring out how to distribute your product to a wide market. That's where Myers Produce comes in; a Northeast Kingdom-based company that gets Vermont produce to high-end eateries and restaurant chains in New York City and Boston.

Annie Myers, with a diverse background in restaurants and farming, started the business in 2013 with one used truck. Since then, she has expanded her fleet, has nine employees, 50 suppliers and services 150 accounts.

In this podcast, Seven Days contributor, Melissa Pasanen, explains why farmers and chefs are intersted in working with Myers, and shares a first-hand story of making deliveries in Manhanttan. Read about other Vermont products being distributed by Myers Produce in Pasanen's Seven Days story, "Annie Myers Brings Vermont Products To The Big City."