VPR Cafe: Dining Out While Abroad

Feb 20, 2018

Traveling and eating out usually go hand in hand. But finding an amazing place to nosh while far from home can be a bit tricky, especially when overseas.

Seven Days food writer, Suzanne Podhaizer, recently took a wonderful trip to Portugal which included some incredible meals. But her dining experiences could have turned sour had she not planned ahead. Some of Podhaizer's tips for finding good food while traveling include:

  • Knowing yourself and the food you're searching for
  • Avoiding tourist traps that don't offer fresh, local fare
  • Mapping out restaurants within a reasonable distance of the area you're visiting
  • Collating restaurant ratings, reviews and blog posts

Listen to this podcast of The VPR Cafe to hear more suggestions for how to make your next trip not only scenic but scrumptious, too!

This episode was originally posted in August 2017.