VPR Cafe: Donkey Carts Make A Comeback In Vermont's Capital

Sep 1, 2017

Seeing something a little offbeat in Vermont is par for the course. But donkeys delivering eggs? Yup, it's a thing in Montpelier.

Vermont Compost cooked up the idea of putting their donkeys to work by delivering fresh eggs across town to the Onion River Co-op. And although a few motorists in the capital city have been known to offer a not-so-loving hand gesture to the animals and their driver when stuck behind the cart, the majority of commuters are charmed by the sight. 

In this episode, Seven Days food writer, Suzanne Podhaizer, explains the history of Vermont Compost's donkeys, who trains and cares for them, and what the future plans are for these working animals. Read more from Podhaizer in the Seven Days story, "Delivering Eggs By Donkey In Montpelier."

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