VPR Cafe: Dumpster Dinner Delivers A Meal With A Message

1 hour ago

A trash dumpster was recently used as the staging area for a fine, six-course meal served in Waterbury. Adopted from concept of The Salvage Supperclub in New York, the dinner was prepared with ingredients both gleaned and about to be thrown away. The purpose of the evening in this odd setting: to create a connection between food insecurity and food waste. 

Hosted by Waterbury couple, Georgia and Jeremy Ayers, with Casella Waste Systems providing the dumpster, the meal was prepared by Prohibition Pig sous chef, Francis Stellato (who received high praise from the guests). Items in Stellato's food arsenal included salvaged items like bruised fruits, wilted veggies and seconds of artisan dairy products, to name a few.

Seven Days food writer, Sally Pollak, got to pull up a chair for this gourmet meal and shares her experience in this episode of The VPR Cafe. After listening, be sure to read Pollak's article, "Dining In A Dumpster At Waterbury's Salvage Supperclub."