VPR Cafe: Getting To Know Vermont's Farmers

Nov 17, 2017

Eggs and butternut squash are two of the items that Rockville Market Farm in Starksboro are best known for. But the bond between the family that runs the farm and it workers, is just as healthy as the organic foods they produce.

As we learn more about the farm-to-table economy in Vermont, we also get to know our farmers better. Sally Pollak, a Seven Days food writer, recently spent time with the owners and workers at Rockville Market Farm. Aside from finding out about Rockville's organic crops and the prepared foods they ship out-of-state, she also got a first-hand look at the close relationships shared by this farm family. In particular, the Thursday night tradition of a communal meal for everyone at the farm.

In this podcast, Pollak delineates the global background of the farm's workers, the butternut squash donuts made each week and night-shift security provided by Emmett the dog. You can also read about all of this and more in her Seven Days piece, "Sharing Meals And Cultures At Rockville Market Farm."