VPR Cafe: Good Things Come In Threes

Feb 2, 2018

An interesting little chain of restaurants has been growing quietly in the Waterbury/Stowe area over the last decade. We'll call it the Fry and Frier Empire; three eateries owned by Chad Fry and Mark Frier. The most recent, Tres Amigos in Stowe, serves Mexican fare, but the common denominator of all three establishments is the huge selection of Vermont beer and cider they serve.  

The inspiration for the restaurant group, which also includes The Reservoir in Waterbury and The Bench in Stowe, was Mark Frier's 2007 visit to The Vermont Brewers Festival. It gave him the idea of offering a huge selection of local suds in one place.

In this episode of The VPR Cafe, Seven Days food writer, Sally Pollak, shares how Fry and Frier met by chance on a ski gondola, how they joined forces, and the food and brews they serve. You can also read Pollak's full Seven Days article, "With Stowe's Tres Amigos, Local Restaurateurs Make It A Trio."