VPR Cafe: The Growler Filling Station Boom In Vermont

Dec 31, 2015

Vermont has the most breweries per capita, boasting 40 craft breweries in its boarders. While the adventurous beer enthusiasts might travel to all 40, throughout the state growler filling stations are popping up, allowing people to try a variety of beers without making a winding road trip through Vermont.

Growler filling stations range from a collection of taps tucked into a corner of a gas station, to stores like the Growler Garage in South Burlington which has 21 taps and sells an assortment of bottle beers.

Audio for this piece will be available by approximately 11 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 31.

"Pretty much anytime I go out driving somewhere I'll see a new [growler filling station] somewhere [new]," said Brent Hallenbeck, a contributor to the Savorvore Section of the Burlington Free Press. "I think it's a phenomenon that starting to take off more and more in Vermont."

Check out Hallenbeck's piece "Fill'er up: Beer On Tap At Gas Stations" for more.

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