VPR Cafe: The Mighty Marvels Of Miso

Feb 9, 2018

Where is the miso in my soup? Is it those white blocks swimming around in the bowl? No, not at all. Miso is a paste made from grains or legumes and has various colors and flavors. Most known for making the broth of the famous Japanese soup, many believe miso also offers many health benefits.

Seven Days food writer, Suzanne Podhaizer, is a big fan of miso. In this episode, she explains how it's made, shares her recipe for a non-traditional miso soup and talks about its other uses. We'll also hear about a company making miso right here in Vermont.

For more on miso, its supposed benefits (including how it might have protected some from radiation exposure) and a few of Podhaizer's miso recipes, read her Seven Days article, "Making Miso, The Miraculous Broth."