VPR Cafe: Miss Weinerz American Sweets

Oct 23, 2015

For Ren Weiner, the mastermind behind Miss Weinerz American Sweets, baking is about more than just about the food, it is about changing how people view what they eat. 

"(Weiner) always said, social change isn't just what happens in the voting booth or on the picket line, it happens in our everyday lives. And eating is something we all do (everyday)," said Melissa Pasanen, contributor to of the Burlington Free Press’ Savorvore Section.

Pasanen, recently spent a day picking wild grapes with Weiner and learned more about her food philosophy.

You can find Pasanen's full interview with Weiner in her piece, "Winooski Doughnut Maker Cooks Up A Food Revolution."

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