VPR Cafe: Vermont Cheesemakers Pass The Baton

Aug 10, 2018

For more than 35 years, the owners of Orb Weaver Farm have been makeing a Colby-style cheese from the milk of their Jerseys. But that's about to change.

Marian Pollack and Marjorie Susman have been running this iconic Monkton, Vermont, farm since they began there as managers. Since then, they started a small breed of Jerseys, shipped milk, raised vegetables and began experimenting with cheese - which they began selling in 1983.

Now, this successful business will be transitioned to new operators. The name will be changed to Orb Weaver Creamery and run by Kate Turcotte and Zach Munzer; however, Pollack and Susman will continue to live in the farmhouse and run their summer market garden.

Seven Days food writer, Melissa Pasanen, shares the interesting story of Orb Weaver Farm and its future in this VPR Cafe podcast. Read more in Pasanen's story, "Pioneering Cheesemakers Orb Weaver Transition Their Farm."