VPR Cafe: What's Sparked The Cocktail Creativity Boom In Vermont?

Apr 7, 2017

From its ability to compliment a meal to the limitless array of flavors, the "cocktail" has certainly evolved since the days of prohibition.

Not only are cocktails replacing wine and beer as a pairing partner with food in some culinary circles, but exciting flavors for these drinks are now being created in laboratories (think Jelly Belly jelly beans).

Seven Days food writer, Suzanne Podhaizer, explains why cocktail pairings have caught on and shares her experience visiting a local cocktail apothecary where unique flavors are brought to life.

One reason for the trend is the booming distillery industry in Vermont, Podhaizer explains.

"Now we have 20 different distillers and they're making all kinds of spirits and liquors," says Podhaizer. "And so it's really fun for our bartenders to play around with those. And by playing with cocktail pairings and food, they get to explore some of those new, exciting Vermont ingredients."

You can read more on this in Podhaizer's Seven Days article, "Local Chefs Hop On The Cocktail-And-Food Pairing Trend."

A cocktail called "A Walk In The Woods" includes gin, juniper and mushroom stock and is paired here with veggies hash.
Credit Suzanne Podhaizer / Seven Days

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