VPR Governor's Debate

Sep 23, 2014

VPR's gubernatorial debate was broadcast live on Tuesday, September 23, from 7:00-8:30 p.m. Bob Kinzel and Jane Lindholm moderated a debate among Liberty Union candidate Peter Diamondstone, Libertarian Dan Feliciano, Republican Scott Milne and Democratic incumbent Peter Shumlin.

Below, click a section title to stream the audio from that portion of the debate, or read through our live tweets.

On health care:

On the economy:

Candidates question each other. Topics covered in this section include: Campaign politics, philosophical differences between Libertarians and Republicans, Libertarian views on drug control, underfunded state pension programs, patents and copyrights, Scott Milne's labeling of Peter Shumlin as "radical," Second Amendment rights and Dan Feliciano's business philosophy. 

Listener questions. Topics covered in this section include: renewable energy, broadband, natural gas pipeline and property taxes.

Lightning round. Topics covered include: marijuana legalization, climate change, immunizations, gas tax and sugar-sweetened beverage tax. 

Also, candidates make their final pitches to voters. 

Editor's note: After airing the question that Scott Woodward submitted for the debate, VPR learned that he is a candidate for the Legislature.