VPR Integrates Arts Reporting Into News Coverage

Mar 14, 2018

We know our listeners tune into VPR not only for independent news and classical music, but also for expansive coverage of our local arts community. That’s why we’re pleased to announce some exciting changes you’ll be hearing in our arts reporting starting this month!  

In order to bring our listeners more arts-related stories across all platforms on VPR News, VPR Classical and VPR.net, we’ll discontinue the weekly feature Art Hounds® on March 30 and pursue a more collaborative and integrated approach to how we cover the arts.

For the past six years, Art Hounds®, hosted by Mary Williams, has been a staple on Thursday evenings and Friday mornings on VPR News, and was paired with the Art Hounds® events listings online.

With the discontinuation of Art Hounds®, you’ll begin seeing and hearing arts coverage in more places throughout VPR. Rather than segregating our coverage in this one program, Mary Williams will begin producing arts segments for Vermont Edition. Additionally, VPR reporters will file stories for newscasts and news magazines, covering a wide-range of arts-related topics.

The Weekly Conversation On The Arts will change shape as well and we hope you’ll tune in to hear what’s next!

We still want to know what’s on your arts radar! As always, let us know about the events, shows, and people you’re particularly jazzed about!

Recent Arts Coverage Featured On Vermont Edition


Where can I share my arts event information publicly?

Why does VPR make program changes?
We take many factors into account when choosing and scheduling our programming. Programs need to fit our strategic plan and budget, and we take market factors, audience research, and listener feedback into consideration. We also keep an eye on what our public radio colleagues around the country are doing, and what is working for them.

I have some thoughts about these changes that I want to share with VPR.
Excellent — we love to hearing from you! You can give us a call, send us a an email, or write to us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We strive to respond to every message!