VPR Poll: What Do You Want To Know?

Jun 14, 2016

In February, VPR with the Castleton Polling Institute conducted the first of three VPR Polls for this election year. The results of that poll provided important insights on Vermonters' opinions about the presidential candidates, statewide officeholders and key topics like gun control and marijuana legalization.

Now we're preparing to conduct the second in this series of polls, and we want to ask you: What do you want to know? If you could poll Vermonters to ask them about any issue, what would you ask?

Help us craft this poll. Send your suggestions via email, make a comment below on this page or tweet us @vprnet with your suggestion.

We'll take all the responses and feedback and use them to craft one or more questions used by Castleton when they go into the field to conduct the poll. This is a scientific poll, however, so ultimately what's included as well as the exact wording of the questions and format of the poll will be determined by the team at Castleton and VPR's news staff.

Thank you for your insights and contributions and for being a part of our news process.