Vt. Nurse Works With Mongolian Herders

Dec 19, 2013

Sas Carey is a registered nurse and holistic healer in Middlebury. For the last 19 years she’s been spending part of the year in Mongolia, working with nomadic herders on health care issues. In addition to teaching some basic health education (tooth-flossing, the importance of getting vitamin C to prevent scurvy), she has also worked to help local hospitals gain access to technology they need.

"It's so easy for us to look at them as 'ooh, those cute little people over there.' But that's not it at all. They have solar panels. They have satellite dishes and TVs. They're up on the fashion. They don't wear it, but they know. - Sas Carey"

Carey has also been documenting the lives of the people she spends time with. Traditional nomadic herding has declined precipitously in Mongolia as people move to the city, and Carey has been working to preserve some of the knowledge and culture of the traditional lifestyle.

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