VTel Statewide Wireless Network Has Limited Subscribership

Aug 7, 2015

The Vermont Telephone Company V-Tel is looking at some fast-approaching deadlines to complete a statewide wireless broadband network.

In 2010 the company received a significant amount of federal money for the project to build the state network, including $116 million dollars from a Rural Utilities Service grant.

But nearly five years later the company reported only 265 wireless users statewide. And some Vermonters have complained about spotty coverage that doesn’t reach their home.

The funding also supported the upgrading of the network in Springfield to a fiber-optic network and it’s unclear how many users are signed up there.

VPR spoke with John Lippman, who has been writing about VTel's broadband efforts in a special series of reports for the Valley News. Read his in-depth coverage here.