Water Rescue Basics Tonight At Star Lake

Aug 16, 2016

It takes strong swimming skills and specialized training to become a certified lifeguard. But water emergencies often happen where there are no lifeguards.  So doesn't it make sense that everyone who swims should learn the basics of water rescue?

That's the idea behind tonight's free Community Water Rescue discussion and demonstration at the Star Lake Beach Area in Mount Holly.

Don Richardson is the volunteer putting on the event at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday. In a note sent out on the town's email listserv he wrote: "Bring the kids, pack a picnic basket and wear your bathing suit. The basic principles of water safety and water rescue will be presented by former lifeguards who have had the experience of 'Water Rescue.'”

In addition to joining neighbors for an evening at the beach, Richardson said participants will watch a staged water rescue and discuss the skills needed to rescue a swimmer in distress.

Update: Due to thunderstorms, this event was postponed until Tuesday, August 23.