Welch Still To Cast His Convention Vote For Sanders, But Wants Bernie To Back Clinton

Jun 27, 2016

Vermont Congressman Peter Welch says he still plans to cast his superdelegate for Bernie Sanders at Democratic convention next month. But he also wants Sanders to endorse Hillary Clinton soon.

“We’ve got to unify, and the sooner we do it the better,” Welch told Vermont Edition on Monday. “And I actually think Bernie’s leverage at the convention is strengthened if he acknowledges he’s going to support Hillary, because he comes to that convention with over 1,800 delegates.

Welch says Sanders has an email list and campaign organization that needs to be harnessed in order to defeat Donald Trump.  

“We’re going to need him to defeat Donald Trump. About 22 percent of his supporters say they’ll vote for Trump, 11 percent for [Gary] Johnson, who’s the libertarian candidate. And we’re going to need Bernie to bring those folks home.”

Sanders now is turning his campaign into a movement to elect candidates to local and national office.