Westminster's New State Police Facility Gets Stormwater OK

Jun 17, 2016

A new $6.3 million State Police barracks in Westminster may finally get its permits to open.

The new facility was supposed to open this spring, but its Act 250 permit was denied due to stormwater drainage issues.

Bob Rea, the director of facilities and operations for Buildings and General Services, says while construction is done the state is still waiting on the the final permits.

"We're glad we're almost at the end," Rea says. " I think we're all frustrated that we ran into so many issues just at the finish line."

The original plan included a stormwater retention pond, but water runoff from the construction site wasn't seeping into the ground.

A new system that allows water to flow down into a stream has been approved by the District 2 Environmental Commission.

Rea says the state is also waiting on its drinking water quality permit, but he hopes to have the facility open in July.

The state built the new 16,000-square-foot barracks near exit 5 on Interstate 91 to replace outdated buildings in Rockingham and Brattleboro.

The state plans to close both of those buildings and consolidate staff in Westminster.

The state is also consolidating the Department of Public Safety dispatch center in the new building, and the Shumlin Administration says the consolidated services will save about $1.6 million per year.

The project was originally estimated to cost about $5.6 million and Rea says the delays have added to the cost of the project.