What Would A State Government Shutdown Mean For Vermonters?

Jun 20, 2018

The current state budget funds Vermont till the end of the day June 30, and Montpelier has yet to work out a plan for next year. Here's what could happen if Vermont is forced to "shut down" July 1.

What would potentially be closed?

State-funded services and resources, including:




Has the state government ever shut down before?


In fact, in Vermont's history the state budget has only been vetoed twice before this session. So Gov. Phil Scott's two vetoes this year represent half of the budget vetoes in Vermont's history overall. 

More on all this here.

Is there any chance of avoiding a shutdown?


As of Wednesday, June 20, legislators are working to craft a third iteration of the 2019 budget for consideration before June 30.

With 10 days left, here are where the three sides stand:

  • Gov. Phil Scott says he will not sign a budget that raises taxes, period. [More here.]
  • Republicans say they will not support a budget that raises taxes. [More here.]
  • Democrats say they'll agree to no increase on residential property taxes. [More here.]

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