White Picket Fences: How Is The Real Estate Market In Vermont?

Jul 9, 2013

Credit Airplane Journal / Flickr

Tue 07/09/13 Noon and 7PM   We hear murmurs that the market is rebounding nationally, but what does that mean in Vermont, where the lows aren't as low and the highs aren't as high?

Tell us what you’ve noticed this summer -- whether you're trying to buy, trying to sell, or just checking out the prices in your neighborhood. Write to vermontedition@vpr.net.

We'll hear from Phil Dodd, Editor and Publisher of the Vermont Property Owners Report, and Claire Wallace, President of Vermont Realtors.

Also on the program, we'll check in with Congressman Peter Welch about what, if anything, the House might be able to pass this summer- including the Farm Bill and immigration reform.