A WWI Mystery in Ludlow

Apr 4, 2013

The Black River Academy Museum in Ludlow, has something of a mystery on its hands. When the museum opens for the summer on June 6, it will be exhibiting a new display of World War I artifacts, donated by several area residents. Among the items to be displayed is the liquid storage container pictured above. But neither the donors nor museum personnel know how to classify the container. An article in the Mt. Holly Chit Chat newsletter states:

The mystery liquid container has the words, on one side, “Souvenir of American Victory at St. Michael Sept. 12-16, 1918”. The other side says “W. H. Lamere, Ludlow, VT”. If anyone knows what this artifact is and/or has more information about W. H. Lamere, please contact the Museum at director@bramvt.org or 802-228-5050.

Museum Director Georgia Brehm and President Sue Pollender would welcome any information on the item, including where its country of origin and its functional purpose.