This Year's Global Roots Film Fest Spotlights The Cinema Of Québec

Apr 6, 2017

The Global Roots Film Festival is a program of the Vermont International Film Foundation which aims to bring movies made about and by many diverse cultures. This year, the movies screening in downtown Burlington will focus on the cinema of Québec.

Credit: K-Films Amérique

VPR spoke with one of those films' directors, Francis Fortin, about his experience behind the lens. Fortin is one of three directors who shot, "d'encre et de sang," or "Ink and Blood."

The movie follows Sébastien, a bookstore owner and aspiring writer who befriends one of his literary heroes. When the writer is gunned down outside Sébastien's store while holding a secret manuscript in his satchel, intrigue and secrets ensue. The movie is made up of three parts, each filmed by a different director and focusing on a different character.

Originally, Fortin said the directors wanted to put their own stamp on each of the three sections that make up "d'encre et de sang" by using different lighting and filters and shooting styles. 

For the final product, which they shot in just 17 days, they all opted for creating a seamless experience. Fortin said the screenwriters and directors only came to know just how to film the movie at the very end of production:

"I love the process. And because we worked so hard, it pushed us to give the best and to be at the service of the story, at the service of the movie," Fortin said.

The films in this year's Global Roots Film Festival will be shown April 7 through 9 at Contois Auditorium in downtown Burlington.