Young Writers Project: 'A Letter To Me 10 Years From Now'

Jun 15, 2018

What is it like to live by yourself? (At least, I assume you do.)
​Is it like the freedom you craved when you were 14?
​Did you ever find that perfect escape? Were you finally able to run away for good?
Where do you live?
​When you were 14, you wanted to move away to Europe – preferably the Netherlands or the U.K.
You wanted to live in one of those hipster-y towns with coffee shops and fancy apartment buildings.
When you were 14, you wanted to travel the world.
​If you're reading this, I assume you're 24.
​You probably haven't gotten that far, but have you seen more than Canada?
If you have, is it as beautiful as we thought it would be?

​Do you still write?
​When you were 14, you wanted to write for a living.
I know it will be some time before that happens.
​Have you been writing out more drafts?
​Which brings this question – what do you do for a living?
You thought that you were going to be a graphic designer until you could be a writer.
Do you like what you do for a job?
​Do you like being 24?

​Did we ever fall in love?
​Even if it was dumb, high school love, did you feel it?
​Are you in love right now?
​Or are you dating around like we thought we would be?
​If you have felt it, what is it like?
​At my age, you wanted very badly to know what it felt like.
​I suppose I’ve watched way too many romantic history dramas.
Do you still watch those, by the way?
​V. was your favorite of them (I hope you remember what “V.” stands for).

Are we still friends with the people I’m friends with now?
​More specifically, M.?
If not, was it hard to lose them?
​Did you cry a lot?
​If we are still friends, I bet that's one strong friendship.
​Did we ever find our kind of people?
​Did you ever feel like you belonged to anything?
​Did you get that type of second-family friendship, ever?

​I hope you're happy.
​14-year-old you wishes she knew.
​I wish you the best regards from the past.
​I hope you laughed at a couple of them.

​Isabella (written on May 12, 2018)

The Young Writers Project provides VPR's audience another avenue to hear and read selections from Vermont's young writers. The thoughts and ideas expressed here are the writers' own and do not necessarily reflect those of Vermont Public Radio.

The collaboration is organized by Susan Reid of Young Writers Project and Vermont Public Radio.