Young Writers Project: 'Unjust'

Jun 29, 2015

Rory Belle Carrara wrote this piece during the past school year when she was in eighth grade at Christ the King School in Rutland. She was responding to a Young Writers Project prompt to write about an injustice witnessed or experienced.

By Rory Belle Carrara
Grade 8, Christ the King School, Rutland

He sits alone
in the middle of the lunch room,
just him, at the pink allergy table.
And God only knows
there must be someone without peanut butter.

But both God and I know 
no one will sit with him.
He might be annoying,
and the list seems never-ending.
if that was any other person,
there would have been 10 people getting up and joining him.
In this little Catholic school,
I can’t be the only one to have the heart,
to see him,
to feel bad.
This injustice must be stopped.
So I sit with him,
just Johnny and me.
But unfortunately, that’s the only “just” thing about this situation.