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As autumn approaches, we begin to feel the stirrings of change and transition. Seeds, scattered by the wind, search for a future. Days are shorter and nights are cooler. Wildlife begins to move in new directions.

Blume: Laudato Si

Aug 28, 2015

I recently attended the 3rd Annual “Our Children, Climate, Faith” Symposium in Strafford - an exploration of the spiritual and religious dimensions of climate change, social justice, and how we create a healthy future for all children.

“People wouldn’t be in such a hurry to get off the grid,” observed my elderly neighbor, “if they knew how long it took to get on it.”

Luskin: Resilience

Aug 27, 2015

A few weeks ago when lightning struck Valley Cares, an assisted living facility in Townshend, the residents and staff executed their well-practiced emergency drills and were all safely outside by the time fire fighters arrived. The residents then traveled the half-mile down the road to Leland and Gray Union High School, where they awaited transportation to temporary alternate housing.

Schubart: Obesity

Aug 26, 2015

Obesity is a principal driver of health care costs, our nation is obese, and at 350 pounds I, too, am obese. But my doctor tells me that at seventy years old, I’m otherwise in good health.

In 1815, two hundred years ago today, the American brig Commerce, with its two square-rigged masts, was wrecked on the northwestern coast of Africa. The surviving officers and crew fended off an attack by nomads and fled in their longboat only to be forced back to shore a bit further south on the watery edge of the arid Sahara. There they were stranded with precious little food or water; it was clear that only intervention by other humans could save them.

Porto: Hiking To Peace

Aug 24, 2015

The late George Sheehan, a New Jersey cardiologist who was a guru of sorts to runners a generation ago, once observed: “The runner seeks peace. The walker has found it.”

Clinton Campaign staff

It’s primary season in New Hampshire, with candidates popping up at town halls, community colleges, and ice cream stands.

Adrian: Distractions

Aug 24, 2015

The “lady in red” appears often in popular culture. In The Matrix, a “lady in red” is created specifically as a distraction in a virtual world training session. Another “lady in red” materializes within Star Trek’s virtual “Holodeck” - again as a distraction, this time to Commander Riker.

Vogel: Tuck Builds

Aug 21, 2015

Twenty four Tuck students will spend this week in Hartland, Lyme and Springfield, swinging hammers, moving boulders and participating in a pre-orientation program called Tuck BUILDS. Like most of our best co-curricular ideas, Tuck BUILDS was created by a couple of enthusiastic Tuck students as an alternative to sailing in Maine and math camp.