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The Eye on the Sky provides region-wide, detailed weather information complemented by science, history, astronomy, and lore. Special features focus on farm and garden information, seasonal recreation, and storm coverage.

Signs Of Spring

Share your Signs Of Spring with the Eye On The Sky and you might hear them mentioned in the forecast. Post your signs on the Eye On The Sky Facebook page - include photos! - or send us a message instead.


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Meteorologists Mark Breen and Steve Maleski became familiar voices in December 1981 with the debut of Eye on the Sky weather forecasts, which launched the partnership between the Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium and Vermont Public Radio. Lawrence Hayes joined the Eye on the Sky team in 2012.

The meteorologists gather information from various online sources and from a network of dedicated weather observers to produce accurate, local weather forecasts covering the tri-state region of Vermont, New Hampshire, and northern New York, as well as parts of southern Québec,and northern Massachusetts.

Eye on the Sky is produced daily at the Museum and broadcast by VPR, where it is heard by more than 150,000 listeners throughout Vermont and the surrounding region.

Listen to Eye On The Night Sky with Mark Breen.

Night Sky
9:00 pm
Mon August 12, 2013

Eye On The Sky Stargazing Party

AP Photo/Kevin Clifford

Monday, August 12, 2013 at 9 p.m.! Take your radio and a blanket into the backyard and tune in for our annual Eye on the Sky Stargazing Party.

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Night Sky
11:05 am
Mon August 5, 2013

Eye On The Sky Star-Gazing Party

AP Photo/Kevin Clifford

Monday, August 12, 2013 at 9 p.m. Take your radio and a blanket into the backyard and tune-in to VPR for our Eye on the Sky Star-Gazing Party.  VPR's Ric Cengeri will be joined by Mark Breen, Director of the Fairbanks Planetarium in Saint Johnsbury. He'll answer your questions about the stars, planets, and constellations.  We'll also be watching for the Perseid Meteor Shower, which will be approaching its peak.

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