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Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy, the senior Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, says President Obama should act “without delay” to nominate a replacement for Justin Antonin Scalia.

Scalia's death Saturday at age 79 leaves the high court without its conservative majority and sets up an ideological confrontation over his successor in the maelstrom of a presidential election year. 

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In just a couple of weeks, Vermonters across the state will gather in town halls and schools to have a voice in local government. Many of those town meeting discussions will center on taxes. In some municipalities, the focus will be on whether to adopt a local option tax as an additional source of revenue.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders raised an eye-popping $7.4 million since polls in New Hampshire closed Tuesday evening, according to his campaign website.

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The Concord High School gymnasium is generally the home of the Crimson Tide. The maroon banners hanging from the white cinder block walls here pay tribute to past sporting glories.

But on Tuesday night the house belonged to Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator trounced his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the nation’s first presidential primary.

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The first primary of the 2016 election season takes place Tuesday in the Granite state. With the exception of a few small towns such as Dixville Notch and Hart's Location, and larger cities such as like Manchester and Nashua, most polling centers in the state close between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Tuesday. Here's how you can track the results this evening.

Attorney General Bill Sorrell has closed a closed a criminal investigation into allegations that environmental activist Annette Smith has practiced law without a license.

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Follow along as VPR reporters share photos, sound and observations from the ground in New Hampshire ahead of the primary on Feb. 9.

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Vermont Electric Cooperative, like other Vermont utilities, is working on increasing its renewable energy portfolio. It’s currently proposing solar projects in Alburg and Grand Isle. And this week the co-op presented plans for a new project in Hinesburg. But some residents feel the project isn’t a good fit for their neighborhood.

Police in Newport, Vt. briefly placed a state office building  on lockdown Friday morning after an unidentified caller made a threat to the Department for Children and Families, authorities said. By about 10:30 a.m. police called off the lockdown and deemed the area safe.

According to a Facebook post from the Newport Police Department, the caller made demands and threatened violence at the DCF office if the demands were not met.

The Mill River Union school board and principal Andy Pomeroy have negotiated a voluntary separation agreement to avoid what both sides say would be expensive and time consuming legal proceedings.

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The Shumlin administration is planning to scuttle existing plans for major technology upgrades that would centralize social services data for the Agency of Human Services. 

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A Vernon organic dairy farmer says he's been approached by developers who want to build a natural gas power plant outside the shuttered Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.

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The Lake Champlain Basin Program plans to start monitoring fish in the lake for mercury as well as toxins produced by cyanobacteria – commonly known as blue-green algae.

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Did you know you can recycle disposable batteries in Vermont? And as of last month, Vermont became the first state to require disposable battery manufacturers to make battery recycling more convenient.

Vermonters today might catch a glimpse of the first televised campaign ad of the 2016 race for governor.

The former director of a Putney social service agency has been cited for embezzlement.

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"Tonight is a victory for the grassroots," Sen. Cruz said after the caucuses, which saw record-shattering turnout from Republicans. Follow NPR's politics team for more news and images from Iowa.

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When the Internet-based car service Uber began operating in Burlington in 2014, officials said it had violated the city's vehicle-for-hire ordinance. The service continued to operate under an interim agreement while the City Council promised to revise the ordinance by November of that year.

It's taken a bit longer than planned, but a new ordinance might be headed to the Burlington City Council very soon.

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Lawmakers burned the midnight oil early Saturday morning to approve a bill that softens the impact of school district spending thresholds.

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A fight between the town of Shelburne and Vermont Railway made its way to the courts this week. At issue is a railroad spur, truck transfer and storage facility the railway plans to build in town.