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Cushman Design Group / Town of Bristol

Voters in Bristol will head to the polls on Tuesday, July 6, to weigh in on a plan for a new fire station.

Emily Mason / Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired

If you are blind or visually impaired, at least 14 years old and want to join a hockey team, we've got some news for you! The Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired is helping to recruit a team of Vermonters and New Yorkers for a league run by Courage USA.

The Addison County Regional Planning Commission has voted to reaffirm its support of the Vermont Gas Systems pipeline being built into the county.

The 23 to nine vote shows a majority of commissioners are not concerned enough with last year’s cost increases to petition the Vermont Public Service Board to reopen regulatory proceedings.

Click here to read the Addison County Regional Planning Commission's July 1, 2015 minutes.

Charlotte Albright/file / VPR

After a long hiatus, college students could soon return to downtown Lebanon, N.H.  

River Valley Community College, based in Claremont, is in the process of buying the building formerly occupied by Lebanon College and hopes to start offering courses there by next January.

Charlotte Albright/file / VPR

The Upper Valley village of Taftsville will not be getting a large solar array after all.  The developer has withdrawn his offer for the land, and there is a new buyer.

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One day after announcing it had received clearance from the federal government, GlobalFoundries says it has completed the acquisition of IBM's microelectronics manufacturing business, including the IBM facility in Essex Junction, which employs approximately 4,000.

"The deal strengthens the company's workforce, adding decades of experience and expertise," GlobalFoundries said in a statement issued Wednesday. "The addition of more than 16,000 patents and applications makes GlobalFoundries the holder of one of the largest semiconductor patent portfolios in the world."

Military veterans will soon get expanded access to higher education. They now qualify for in-state tuition at all public colleges and universities even in states where they are only temporary residents.

In Vermont, non-residents pay almost twice as much tuition to state colleges and the University of Vermont as in-state students. That puts military veterans in a bind if they have recently moved or been transferred to a state where they do not have legal residence.

rheisch / iStock

Communities around Vermont celebrate Independence Day in a variety of ways. There are plenty of fireworks displays, parades and community barbecues to choose from, some with unique twists. And there are some less traditional celebrations too...

Byron Powell /

A Vermont athlete is celebrating her top-five finish in a prestigious 100-mile trail running race. Aliza Lapierre, 35, of Williston, was the fourth female finisher in the Western States Endurance Run last weekend, a footrace that covers 100.2 miles of steep terrain in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, completing the course in 19 hours, 43 minutes and 22 seconds.