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Monday, January 19:  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

5:59am: Steve Gadd: "Watching the River Flow", from "The Gadd Gang."

6:18am: Steve Coleman and 5 Elements: "Incantation", from "The Tao Of Mad Phat."

6:30am: Clutchy Hopkins: "No Contact...Contact", from "The Story Teller."

6:41am: Vibes Alive: "Mantra", from "Total Acid Jaxx and Nu-Soul."

6:59am: Jacko Peake: "SFO", from "The Best Of Cookin'."

7:07am: Combustion Collective: "Skipjack", from "Slick."

7:18am: McCoy Tyner: "Afro Blue", from "Afro Blue."

Monday, January 12:

5:59am: Brandi Disterheft: "Second Dawn", from "Second Side."

6:07am: Taylor Haskins: "Clouds Form Below Us", from "Wake Up Call."

6:18am: Marco Benevento: "Two Of You", from "Between the Needles and Nightfall."

6:30am: The Apples: "Kings", from the album of the same name.

6:41am: Bill Frisell: "Imagine", from "...All We Are Saying."

6:59am: Modern Groove Syndicate: "Back In the Kitchen With Terry", from "Mosern Groove Syndicate."

7:07am: Aaron Parks: "Riddle Me This", from "Invisible Cinema."

Monday, January 5:

5:59am: Wycliffe Gordon: "Another Slow One", from "Boss Bones."

6:18am: Duke Reid: "Soul Style", from "Duke Reid's Treasure Chest."

6:30am: Clutchy Hopkins: "No Contact...Contact", from "The Story Teller."

6:41am: Galactic: "Black-Eyed Pea", from "Late For the Future."

6:59am: The Marsalis Family: "At the House, In Da Pocket", from "Family Redeems."

7:07am: Lloyd Miller and the Heliocentrics: "Fantasia, Part 1", from "OST."

7:18am: Mongo Santamaria: "Feelin' Alright", from the album of the same name.

Monday, December 29:

5:59am: Atfunk: "Xpressionism"

6:18am: Chris Joss: "The Wait", from "You've Been Spiked."

6:30am: Arlen Roth: "Cruisin' Coupe", from "Drive It Home."

6:41am: Tim Simonec: "Too Hip To Retire", from the soundtrack to the film "Whiplash."

6:59am: Railroad Earth: "The Wheel", from "Jerry Jams For Rex II."

7:07am: McCoy Tyner: "Walk Spirit, Talk Spirit", from "Enlightenment."

7:18am: Bill Frisell: "Messin' With the Kid", from "Guitar In the Space Age."

Monday, December 22:

5:59am: McCoy Tyner: "Carriba", from "Afro Blue."

6:18am: James Newton Howard: "War", from the soundtrack to the film "Duplicity."

6:30am: Soulive: "Steppin'", from "Turn It Out."

6:41am: The Funkateers: "Funkafied", from "Inner City Sounds."

6:59am: Spirit Jazz Project: "Providence", from "Square Peg."

7:18am: Marc Ribot: "Fat Man Blues", from "Live at the Village Vanguard."

7:30am: Turkuaz: "There Was A Time", from "Covers, Vol. 1."

7:41am: Orrin Evans: "In My Soul", from "Mother's Touch."

Monday, December 15:

5:59am: Kevin Eubanks: "The Dirty Monk", from "Zen Food."

6:18am: Jason Marsalis: "Blues For Now", from "The 21st Century Trad Band."

6:41am: Medeski, Scofield, Martin, and Wood: "Sham Time", from "Juice."

659am: Steely Dan: "Your Gold Teeth II", from "Katy Lied."

7:07am:  Jerry Garcia Band: "Pig's Boogie", from "Let It Rock."

7:18am: Pulp Fusion: "Groovealicious", from "Record Store."

7:30am: Oz Noy: "Twice In A While", from "Schizophrenic."

Monday, December 8:

5:59am: Bill Frisell: "Just Like A Woman", from "Have A Little Faith In Me."

6:18am: Lee Morgan: "The Sidewinder", from the album of the same name.

6:30am: Dirk Quinn Band: "Over A Girl", from "Dirk Quinn."

6:41am: M.Ward: "Duet For Guitars", from "Transfiguration of Vincent."

6:50am: Bei Bei and Shawn Lee: "Little Nature", from "Into the Wind."

6:59am: Mickey Hart and Zakir Hussain: "Funky Xena", from "Global Drum Project."

7:07am: Thunderball: "Road To Benares", from "AOL Music DJ Sessions."

Monday, December 1:

5:59am: Russ Barenberg: "The Man In the Hat", from "When At Last."

6:18am: Matthew Garrison: "I Told Ya So", from "Shapeshifter."

6:30am/6:32:30am: Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls: "A Phase Shifter I'm Going Through", from "Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls."

6:41am: The Specials: "A Message To You Rudy", from "Specials."

6:50am: El Michel's Affair: "C.R.E.A.M.", from the soundtrack to the film "Chef."

6:59am: Jerry Garcia and David Grisman: "Bag's Groove", from "So What."

Monday, November 24:

5:59am: Joe Sample: "Hippies On A Corner", from "Old Places, Old Faces."

6:18am:  RJD2: "All For U", from "Magnificent City Instrumentals."

6:30am/6:32:30am:  Pete Huttlinger: "Sir Duke", from "Fingerpicking Wonder."

6:41am: Laurence Juber: "Blue Guitar Blues", from "PCH."

6:50am: Charlie Hunter and Scott Amendola: "Let's Go", from "The Cars."

6:59am: Bob Marley: "Exodus", from "Dreams of Freedom: Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in Dub."

Monday, November 17:   All Hail The New Clock/Time Change!

5:59am: Salsa Rosso: "Time After Time", from "The Guitar Collection."

6:18am: Bill Frisell: "Turn Turn Turn", from "Guitar in the Space Age."

6:30am: Fred Benedetti: "Time In A Bottle", from "Moondance: Acoustic Guitar Classics, Vol. 3."

6:32:30: Joshua Redman: "The Times They Are A-Changin'", from "Timeless Tales (For Changing Times)."

6:41: Chicago: "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?", from "Chicago Transit Authority."

Monday, November 10:

5:59am: Justin Hurwitz: "Fletcher's Song In Club", from the soundtrack to the film "Whiplash."

6:20am: Go Go Penguin: "Kamaloka", from "V2.0."

6:49am: Jazz Pistols: "Mr. Smithers", from "Special Treatment."

6:58am: Bill Frisell: "Rebel Rouser", from "Guitar In the Space Age."

7:20am: Charlie Hunter and Scott Amendola: "Blue Pepper", from "Duke Ellington."

7:58am: Chris Joss: "Danger Buds", from "Sticks."

8:20am: Skeewiff: "Giggity", from "Private Funktion."

Monday, November 3:

5:59am: Vijay Iyer: "Human Nature", from "Solo."

6:20am: Papa Grows Funk: "Yakiniku", from "Live At the Leaf."

6:49am: David Cullen: "Blue Counterpoint", from "The Collection."

6:58am: Damian Erskine: "Costa Del Sol", from "Trios."

7:20am: Jazz Is Dead: "Unbroken Chain", from "Blue Light Rain."

7:58am: Morphine: "Bo's Veranda", from the soundtrack to the film "Get Shorty."

8:20am: John Zorn: "The Nameless God", from "Psychomagia."


Music beds from Morning Edition on VPR, with lots of great selections for Halloween week.

Monday, October 27:

5:59am: Stanley Clarke Band: "Bass Folk Song #7", from "Up."

6:20am: Led Zeppelin: "Ten Years Gone", from "Physical Graffiti."

6:49am: Adam Levy: "Town and Country", from the album of the same name.

6:58am: Medeski, Martin, Scofield, and Wood: "I Know You", from "Juice."

7:20am: Bill Frisell: "Just Like A Woman", from "Have A Little Faith."

7:58am: Aaron Parks: "Praise", from "Invisible Cinema."

Monday, October 20:

5:59am: Kurt Rosenwinkle: "Homage A' Mitch", from "Star of Jupiter."

6:20am: Preston Reed: "Ladies Night", from the album of the same name.

6:49am: John Scofield: "Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good To You?", from "A Moment's Peace."

6:58am: Jason Moran: "Blue Blocks", from "Ten."

7:20am: The Bad Plus: "Tom Sawyer", from "Prog."

7:58am: Mongo Santamaria: "Cold Sweat", from "Greatest Hits."

8:39am: Bill Frisell: "Come Together", from "All We Are Saying..."

Monday, October 13:

5:59am: Marcos Valle: "Os Grilos", from "Braziliance!"

6:20am: Stephane Wrembel: "Voyager", from  "Origins."

6:49am: Bill Frisell: "Telstar", from "Guitar in the Space Age."

6:58am: The Afro-Semitic Experience: "Descarga Ocho Kandelikas", from "Plea For Peace."

7:20am: Charlie Hunter and Scott Amendola: "Cold Cold Heart", from "Hank Williams."

7:58am: Moonstrance: "Little Field", from "Moonstrance."

8:20am: Oz Noy: "Cosmic Background", from "Fuzzy."

Monday, October 6:

5:59am: The Meters: "Here Comes the Meter Man", from the album of the same name.

6:20am: Takuya Kuroda: "Rising Son", from the album of the same name.

6:49am: Medeski, Scofield, Martin, and Wood: "I Know You", from "Juice."

6:58am: Stanley Clarke Band: "Pop Virgil", from "Up."

7:20am: Booker T and the MG's: "Potato Hole", from the album of the same name.

7:58am: Scott Witte: "Bounce", from "Sound Shadows."

8:20am: Electric Sorcery: "The Nubian", from "Electric Sorcery."

Monday, September 29:

5:59am: Butterfat Trio: "Bad News Bears", from "Under Dog."

6:20am: Damian Erskine: "Fif", from "So To Speak."

6:49am: New Mastersounds: "Six Underground", from "Be Yourself."

6:58am: Medeski, Scofield, Martin, and Wood: "Sham Time", from "Juice."

7:20am: Joshua Bell: "Ladies in Lavender", from the album of the same name.

7:58am: Grateful Dead: "They Love Each Other", Live from the Providence Civic Center, RI., 11/4/79.

8:20am: Charlie Hunter: "Athens", from "Baboon Strength."

Monday, September 22:

5:59am: Stephan Crump: "Reclamation Zone", from "Thwirl."

6:20am: John Scofield: "Watch Out For Po-Po", from "Up All Night."

6:49am: Brad Mehldau: "Got Me Wrong", from "Where Do You Start."

6:58am: Victor Wooten: "The Lesson", from "Palmystery."

7:20am: Trombone Shorty: "In the 6th", from "Backatown."

7:58am: The Dave Brubeck Quartet: "Things Aint What They Used To Be", from "Newport 1958."

8:20am: Laurence Juber: "I Am the Walrus", from "Plays Lennon and McCartney."

Monday, September 15:

5:59am: Stanton Moore: "Fallin' Off the Floor", from "Flyin' the Koop."

6:20am: Jason Moran: "Gangsterism Over Ten Years", from "Ten."

6:49am: Classic R&B Funk Band: "Thank U", from "Inner City Sounds."

6:58am: Vieux Farka Toure: "Slow Jam", from "Fondo."

7:20am: Bill Frisell with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones: "Smilin' Jones", from "Bill Frisell with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones."

7:58am: Jazz Mandolin Project: "Hallelujah", from "The Deep Forbidden Lake."

Monday, September 8:

5:59am: Orchestra de Nationale: "Je M'apelle Geraldine", from "The Party."

6:20am: R&B Classic Funk Band: "Thank U", from "Inner City Sounds."

6:49am: Jamie Saft: "Minor Soul", from "The New Standard."

6:58am: Scott Law Reunion Band: "Sugaree", Live from the Goodfoot Lounge, Portland, OR., 2/7/12.

7:20am: Bryan Ferry Orchestra: "Don't Stop the Dance", from "The Jazz Age."

7:58am: Jerry Garcia Band: "Bright Side of the Road", from "Pure Jerry: Live at Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA., 11/9/91.