Says You!

Sunday at 6:00pm
Richard Sher

It was a dark and stormy night when, suddenly, Richard Sher drew the Trivial Pursuit question "What do you call the band of low pressure that surrounds the Earth at the Equator?"

In his typically debonair fashion, his first thought was: "Who cares?! What a dumb question."

Then, he realized the answer was "the doldrums."

"Eureka!" he shouted to himself, because if he shouted out loud, his game-mates would think he was crazy or, worse yet, steal his idea.

Richard's epiphany was "the point is not that it's important to know the answer; it's only important to like the answer."

When he managed to get a bunch of people in a coffee shop talking by challenging them to name the music on the shop's sound system, a game show - and a game show host - was born!

Says You! - the witty word game show.

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