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A group of crows is called a murder and people seem to associate these corvids with death and darkness. But crows are very social creatures and at this time of year they often flock together by the thousands for warmth, safety, and, possibly, convivial conversation.

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Here's what we know about public radio listeners: they are also avid readers. Monday on Vermont Edition, it's our Winter reading show!

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In the days since the Paris terrorist attacks, security and humanitarianism have been at odds in a debate over whether the U.S. should accept refugees from the Syrian civil war. 

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After almost three decades of working in corrections, Lisa Menard was named the department's commissioner on October 1. She takes charge just months after Vermont's out-of-state prisoners moved to a new facility in Michigan. And at a time when our inmate population has dropped to its lowest total since the early 2000s.

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No matter how you choose to give thanks, food plays a central role in how we have come to celebrate Thanksgiving. For some, each dish come with it’s own story, and a recipe passed down generations. Others treat the menu each Thanksgiving as a brand new adventure: the perfect opportunity to try out new flavors and combinations on your friends and family.

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Open enrollment for Vermont Health Connect began about three weeks ago, and state officials are expressing confidence that the problems that have plagued the system in the past have been fixed. "I'm pleased to report that it is going very, very well," said Gov. Peter Shumlin this month, which is "very different from the last two times that we began open enrollments."

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Vermont has a poverty rate of 12.2 percent. And almost a quarter of the state's jobs are considered low wage. Advocates say that the crisis of poor Vermonters is deepening. The Council on Pathways from Poverty recently presented their report on how to reduce poverty to Governor Shumlin.


On Monday of this week the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf served more people in a single day than ever before. Meanwhile, USDA statistics show that the hunger rate in Vermont has not improved over the past several years.  We're talking about hunger in the state: how widespread it is, who's hardest hit, and what can be done to help hungry Vermonters.

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The state has a collection of colorful place names like Ticklenaked Pond, St. Rocks, Goose Green and Lemon Fair River. But how do names get bestowed on places today?

Recently, the U.S. Board on Geographic Names received a request to designate a body of water in Plainfield as Garth Brook. The request was turned over to Vermont's Geographic Naming Committee, part of the state's board of libraries. They chose to give it the Abenaki name of Mskaskek Brook.

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Many people in our state are financially struggling. We're talking to a financial coach who helps low and moderate income Vermonters. From tackling identity theft, to planning for big purchases, to building up good credit - we'll talk about strategies, advice, and support that can help Vermonters find greater economic security.