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Rebecca Lepkoff / Courtesy of Vermont Historical Society

Vermont's counterculture of the 1970s marked a time a massive social change, and it continues to influence the state today.  It was decade when the state's population increased by 15 percent, and communes and agricultural experiments proliferated, along with political and social activism.

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Governor Shumlin announced recently that the state will drop its health care exchange and move to the federal setup if the problems with Vermont Health Connect aren't fixed by the end of May. But he says he's confident that those benchmarks will be met.

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Lawmakers are working on a child protection bill that they hope will solve some of the problems that have been identified in the way Vermont investigates child abuse claims. Those concerns came to head in the last year after two children under state supervision were killed, allegedly by family members.

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Native Vermonters seem to know the stats from birth. Flatlanders pick them up over the years.

It takes 40 gallons of sap to produce one gallon on maple syrup. The sap flows best when the temperatures hit the 40s during the day and below freezing at night. But there has got to be some scientific explanation for the atmospheric conditions and finagling in the sugar house that gets the sap from the tree into a bottle with a composition of just about 66.9 percent sugar content.

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This spring, the U.S. Supreme Court will take up two questions of same-sex marriage: whether states should be permitted to ban it, and whether they must recognize same-sex marriages from other states. 

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One of Governor Shumlin's proposed budget cuts calls for the closure of two of the four state-run public safety answering points. These are the centers that handle emergency calls.

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The clock is ticking in Montpelier. In the next week, key decisions will be made about next year's budget, changes to the income tax, the fate of the sugar-sweetened beverage tax and a proposed payroll tax and a plan to clean up Lake Champlain.

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In recent years, taxes from higher gas prices, generous federal highway funding, and money poured into Tropical Storm Irene recovery helped the state make progress in repairs to transportation infrastructure.  

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The prevailing medical thought says that early detection is the key to finding and curing certain diseases. Other common medical assumptions include that it never hurts to get more information, it's always better to fix the problem and all risks can be lowered.

In his new book, "Less Medicine, More Health," Dr. Gilbert Welch of Dartmouth Medical School contends that these assumptions are creating a culture of too much medical care.

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Since the state's registry was established in 2013, 160,000 Vermonters have signed up to be organ donors. Those who have will only become donors under very specific circumstances.