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Women are twice as likely to live in poverty in Vermont as men. Three factors that make the cycle difficult to break are housing, transportation and child care costs.

Lisa Falcone, community impact manager for the United Way of Chittenden County and Rachel Jolly, director of women’s programs for Vermont Works for Women, discuss the causes and effects of women in poverty in Vermont and what programs are available to help them break the cycle.


As we reach the mid-point of the 2015 Legislative Session, there have been a number of issues discussed at the Statehouse. Among them are the $112 million budget gap, education reform, Lake Champlain clean-up, the
Medicaid cost-shift, the sugar-sweetened beverage tax and the reopening of the Vermont State Employees Association contract.

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Herbal remedies are rooted in ancient traditions, but as they gain popularity we’re learning more about them. They're also becoming a big business and there's greater scrutiny of the ingredients in herbal products and the science behind their uses.

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There are few things in life that are guaranteed to make you smile. Puppies and butterflies are a couple. And then there are laughing babies!

But where do infants develop that ability to laugh or to identify what is funny? And how do they learn to make grown ups laugh?

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People want to believe that where they live is the best place on earth. But do Vermonters have more reasons than most to believe that their state is exceptional? On this Town Meeting Day, we listen back to an archive of Vermont Edition that takes aim at the myth and reality of Vermont exceptionalism.

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We think of Town Meeting as a hallowed institution and a hallmark of local democracy in action, but the fact is fewer of us are participating.

Town meeting attendance continues to decline despite efforts to boost participation. 

What else can we do?

Taking On Taxes

Feb 27, 2015
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Governor Shumlin's plan to impose a payroll tax on all businesses to boost Medicaid reimbursement rates is getting a very lukewarm reception at the Statehouse. There's also been talk of other potential revenue sources like changes in the income tax, the gas tax and the rooms and meals tax.

Ice Ice Baby

Feb 26, 2015
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Spring will eventually be here, along with the potential for ice jams and river flooding. On the next Vermont Edition, we learn about the conditions that cause ice jams, and how our rivers behave as winter turns to spring.

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Election day in November brought welcome news for state Republicans. They gained nine seats in the House and two in the Senate. In addition, Scott Milne came close to wresting the governorship from Peter Shumlin and Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott was easily re-elected.

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Small schools are expensive and don't provide as many educational possibilities as large schools. That's part of the premise that has some state officials pushing for a consolidation of small schools. But that's controversial among people who say that the school is the heart of their town.