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The VPR Café is a weekly feature that's all about Vermont food and the people who grow it, prepare it and love it.

VPR's Ric Cengeri talks with food writers from Seven Days and Vermont Life food editor Melissa Pasanen. They share stories from the farms, kitchens and eateries of Vermont that connect our communities.

Candace Page

While apples are the most common tree fruit grown in Vermont, you can also grow other fruits like peaches and plums in our cold climate. The development of cold-hardy varieties of fruit trees allows farmers to grow trees that normally wouldn’t survive in Vermont.

Glenn Russell / Burlington Free Press

Last year, the Burlington Food Shelf received a grant to create a special food truck, which is now called The Good Food Truck. Its purpose is to bring food to people who can’t get to the Burlington Food Shelf.

Currently, the Good Food Truck serves around 200 meals a week.

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Type 2 diabetes is a condition that can develop as people age and though it is a serious condition, it can be managed through diet and exercise.

Glenn Russell / Burlington Free Press

Nestled in a corner near the children's barn at Shelburne Farms is a bakery that's been making fresh, artisanal bread for nearly 40 years.

Glenn Russell / Burlington Free Press

When Bread and Butter Farm in Shelburne started, its founders were planning to grow some vegetables, produce dairy products and start a bakery. In the seven years since Bread and Butter Farm was started, they've expanded from just farming to also running a farm store, housing a coffee shop and hosting music classes and summer camps for kids.

Candace Page / Burlington Free Press

Rhubarb grows all over Vermont and can be incorporated nicely into a variety of dishes.

Glenn Russell / Burlington Free Press

Vermont has 250 towns, and in many of them, there might just be one restaurant. However, a number of these restaurants are good enough to make the trek out to the town worth it.

Glenn Russell / Burlington Free Press

Lamb is not the most common meat on the market, but there are still some farmers in Vermont that raise lamb to sell for meat.

Monica Donovan / Burlington Free Press

If you stopped by the Hilton in Burlington at the end of April, you might have thought you had accidently wandered into a speed-dating event. But instead of pairing people, the Vermont Food Matchmaker event pairs food producers and retailers to kindle business relationships.

Ryan Mercer / Burlington Free Press

While many are intrigued by the idea of growing vegetables at home, the care and maintenance required can be a turn off.  Finding or remember the joy of past seasons can help you avoid being overwhelmed by weeds or losing the drive get out into the dirt.

courtesy of Stowe Farmers Market

Starting this week, outdoor farmers markets will begin popping up across the state. Before you head out to the market, here are five tips to help you master farmers market shopping:

Gabe Dickens / Burlington Free Press

Vermont has cultivated a reputation for being a craft beer mecca. However, next door in New York also has a growing craft brewing scene.

Glen Russell / Burlington Free Press

A new space in Winooski called Incubator has a pretty simple idea: be a place for people to get creative with food.

Caleb Kenna / Burlington Free Press

Religious holidays play an important role in many foods traditions. We've talked about a number of them before but we have yet to discussed the Seder at Passover. Melissa Pasanen, a contributor to the Savovore Section of the Burlington Free Press spoke with a few Vermonters to learn more about how they celebrate Passover.

Candace Page / Burlington Free Press

Parsnips are an often overlooked root vegetable though in the past they were a staple of New England gardens.

"Parsnips are great because they're so sweet," said Candace Page, a contributor to the Savovore Section of the Burlington Free Press. "That can draw in an audience that might not like them otherwise."

Erin Siegal Mcintrye / Burlington Free Press

A few years ago, you wouldn't have been able to find a locally-made, corn tortillas in Vermont. Now there is not one, but two companies here devoted to making this Central American staple.

VPR Cafe: Vermont Common Crackers

Mar 25, 2016
courtesy of Lynda Corbett

The common cracker was a staple snack in New England during the 1800s. It was found in barrels at country stores and was often paired with cheddar cheese. The crackers were round, pale, hard and indestructible.

VPR Cafe: Hot Cross Buns

Mar 18, 2016
Glenn Russell / Burlington Free Press

Hot cross buns are made from a rich, yeast-raised dough with spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. They also usually contain currants, candied citrus peel and have a cross of the top which is traditionally made from a flour paste, though most hot cross buns made in America use a sweet icing.

Candace Page

Maple has been used in cooking for over a century and through the years the recipes using maple have changed.

Candace Page, a contributor to the Savorvore Section of the Burlington Free Press, recently took a look at three contemporary cookbooks that highlighted the ways to bring maple into the kitchen. One book was Maple by Katie Webster, a Vermont-based recipe developer.  

Zach Stephens / Burlington Free Press

The Vermont Country Store in Weston began not as a brick and mortar establishment, but a paper one.

In 1945, when Vrest and Mildred Orton moved to Vermont to start a family, Vrest also decided to start a catalog. He printed the catalog in his garage and as it became popular, fans started asking if they could visit a store, which didn't exist. So, the Ortons bought a building and opened the Vermont Country Store.