Addison County

Exterior of the Vermont Gas building.
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The Public Utilities Commission is hiring an independent expert to assess the burial depths at several locations along a half-mile section of the Addison Natural Gas Project pipeline.

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Even as it's under construction, the natural gas pipeline in Addison County continues to draw criticism for its price tag and environmental impact. Monday on Vermont Edition, we talk with Don Rendall, the president and CEO of Vermont Gas, and with one of the pipeline’s top critics, AARP Vermont State Director Greg Marchildon.

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The State Board of Education approved four more Act 46 consolidation plans. While lawmakers were hammering out an agreement on the Act 46 spending cap in the Statehouse, the State Board of Education met just up the hill to consider the consolidation agreements.

The Addison County Regional Planning Commission has voted to reaffirm its support of the Vermont Gas Systems pipeline being built into the county.

The 23 to nine vote shows a majority of commissioners are not concerned enough with last year’s cost increases to petition the Vermont Public Service Board to reopen regulatory proceedings.

Click here to read the Addison County Regional Planning Commission's July 1, 2015 minutes.

One of the trends on Town Meeting Day was that far fewer school budgets were voted down this year than last year. In 2014, 37 school budgets failed.

So far this year, 198 school budgets have been passed and 20 were rejected, with 20 to be voted on.

But in Addison County this year, school budgets faced a rough go, where five were rejected by voters, including two high school budgets that are voted on by several towns together.

Addison County Independent reporter Zach Despart provides analysis of what caused the rejection of the budgets.

State agencies are investigating whether a pesticide sprayed for mosquito control caused a fish kill in an Addison County lake earlier this month.

The fish die-off was seen in Fern Lake a few days after trucks applied a chemical in the area to kill adult mosquitoes.

Leicester resident Zachary Saxe has lived near Fern Lake for a decade. He often fishes and swims there, and the first weekend in June his swim was interrupted by the sight and smell of dozens of dead fish. Saxe, who once worked as a wildlife technician, went out to collect samples in plastic bags.

Pipeline Info Campaign Is Under Way In Cornwall

Apr 18, 2013

The exact route for the proposed second phase of Vermont Gas's natural gas pipeline in Addison County has yet to be determined. Vermont Gas announced five possible Phase II routes earlier this month, three of which would take the pipeline through the town of Cornwall on its way to the International Paper mill in Ticonderoga, N.Y. However, Cornwall isn't waiting for a final determination to inform residents about risks that could come with the Addison Natural Gas Project.