The Button Up Day of Action encourages Vermonters to weatherize their homes. A new bridge and an alternative truck route make getting around easier in Bristol and Morrisville. Winooski aims for city-wide mindfulness.

The long-awaited Morrisville Bypass is set to open on Halloween. Volunteers help prepare nests for spiny softshell turtles. Motorboats are still allowed on Wolcott Pond, under five miles per hour. Burlington establishes an adopt-a-drain program.

On November 4, Voters in many Vermont towns will be weighing in on local ballot initiatives as well as electing local and statewide candidates. Local votes include school renovation projects, utility projects and municipal charter changes.

Iran definitely has shared interests with the American led coalition seeking to degrade and eventually destroy the Islamic State militants, know as ISIS. In fact, ISIS is a threat to two of Iran’s key allies- Syria and Iraq. And right now Iraq is reeling. Yet because the Shiite clerics of Iran are seen as the true enemy - by the coalition of Sunni Muslims that the United States has forged to fight ISIS - there will be no cooperation or coordination with Iran, at least nothing that will be publicly acknowledged.

On September 27, 3,349 pounds of drugs were collected statewide. Vermont has been dubbed the most energy efficient state, and some events this week back that notion. There’s an effort underway in Shrewsbury to bring back the local phone book.

Vandalism problems persist in Wallingford. Several local items will be voted on next month, on Election Day. Pittsford has a new polling place starting with the November 4 elections.

Police and Sheriffs Departments across Vermont are participating in Drug Take Back Day. Town Halls are in the news for their uses and lack of usability. Brandon launches a flood planning effort for businesses and public infrastructure.

Fair Haven is asking for public participation in a street light evaluation before making the switch to LED fixtures. Sign thefts and signing regulations have been a topic of discussion for several select boards. Greensboro's Development Review Board gives a green light to the Greensboro Arts Alliance and Residency's plan to build the Mirror Theatre.

Full disclosure. My mother was born in Glasgow. She emigrated to Canada with her mother shortly after World War I. Her father was one of many Scottish soldiers killed in the war, and whose name is on an honor roll in Edinburgh Castle. I was raised among numerous Scots relatives, including my great grandparents, who spoke with thick brogues and told stories, not all of them fondly, of life in what they called, the old country. Without doubt, my curiosity about that old country was a factor in my choosing to become a foreign correspondent.

Warren is among the towns looking at designated Neighborhood Development Areas. The Vermont Agency of Transportation is holding a meeting in Mount Holly to discuss rumble strips on Route 103. Middlebury is discussing changing its curbside recycling program.