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Vermont Statehouse dome on a cloudy day.
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A few years ago, Vermont enacted a law that tries to give the general public a bigger role in the budget writing process, but one legislator says the Scott administration isn’t following the spirit of the statute.

The Senate Health and Welfare committee plans to take a detailed look at a bill creating a publicly financed primary care system for all Vermonters
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A plan to create a publicly financed primary health care system for all Vermonters will be a top priority for the Senate Health and Welfare committee during the 2018 session.

State officials are ramping up their outreach efforts to alert Vermonters that this Friday is the deadline to sign up for the Affordable Care Act
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There were very few issues during the legislative session that were as partisan and divisive as the fight over teachers health care.

The issue of whether to levy a tax on carbon pollution hasn't gained much traction yet in Montpelier. Vermont Businesses for Social Responsiblity is trying to broaden support for the concept.
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A political confrontation over the issue of teacher health benefits has become the signature issue of the 2017 legislative session, but it’s being resolved almost entirely outside of the formal legislative process. The closed-door negotiations between a handful of Democratic lawmakers and the administration of Republican Gov. Phil Scott have shrouded the policy making process from public view.

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When lawmakers return to the Statehouse on Wednesday, one of the first items up for debate is a bill that creates an ethics commission in Vermont.

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Backers of legislation that would create an Ethics Commission in Vermont say they're optimistic about the future of their bill. But some critics argue that the proposal doesn't go nearly far enough to restore public trust in the operations of government.

Supporters of a proposed Ethics Commission in Vermont say they're disappointed that their plan didn't pass this session, but are already looking ahead to next year.

A proposal to create a Vermont Ethics Commission has been significantly scaled back at the Statehouse. But backers of the original plan still feel the stripped down approach is an important first step to help reduce conflicts of interest by public officials.

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Progressive leaders at the Statehouse are backing a plan to make major changes in the way that Vermonters pay for education. As a first step, they're asking the House and Senate to support a comprehensive study of their proposal.

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Vermont is one of just three states across the country without an ethics commission in place. Backers of the plan say this kind of panel is needed before major ethical problems emerge. But some key lawmakers remain skeptical about the idea.