Bennington College

The painting "Red Square" by Helen Frankenthaler.
Bennington College, Courtesy

Bennington College will sell works of art from its collection to help kick off a new scholarship program.

Bennington College professor David Bond, center, oversees work on the campus to investigate PFOA in groundwater.
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Scientists from Bennington College say they've uncovered PFOA contamination far beyond the neighborhoods with polluted wells.

The poet Robert Frost lived at this stone house in Shaftsbury for nine years. Bennington College will acquire and manage the property.
The Friends Of Robert Frost, courtesy

Bennington College will be taking over ownership of the Robert Frost Stone House Museum in Shaftsbury.

courtesy, Susie Ibarra

A group of celebrity chefs and artists have gathered in Rio to turn donated food from the Olympic Village into meals for people from some of the city's poorest neighborhoods. The project is called Refettorio Gastromotiva and Susie Ibarra, a faculty member from Bennington College, is one of the artists contributing to the project.

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The estimated cost of bringing clean water to all of the Bennington County properties contaminated with PFOA has risen to more than $30 million.

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State officials in Vermont and New York have been testing water and people in areas where water wells are contaminated by the suspected carcinogen PFOA — and now professors and college students are joining the response team.  

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Bennington College has been awarded an $89,810 National Science Foundation Rapid Response grant to offer a new course and conduct original research on PFOA contamination in Hoosick Falls, New York and North Bennington, Vermont.

The administration of Bennington College has reached a tentative settlement with 51 of the school’s unionized employees, mostly buildings and grounds, maintenance and dining service workers.

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Students of all ages are returning to school in the next couple of weeks, and along with them are all the administrators that make schools work. One of those administrators is Bennington College President Mariko Silver.

She’s been at Bennington College for just over a year, having taken over from long time president Elizabeth Coleman.

President Silver spoke with Vermont Edition about her first year in charge and her plans for the school.