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A court has ordered the attorney general's office to pay legal fees in a public records case. The records at issue included personal emails from former Attorney General Bill Sorrell.
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A Vermont judge has ordered the state attorney general’s office to pay almost $66,000 in legal fees in three cases where it was forced to comply with the state's public records law.

The Vermont Supreme Court ruled that records of public business conducted on private email accounts are subject to the state's public records law.
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Vermont's Supreme Court ruled Friday that all records generated by public officials as they do their jobs are open to the public, regardless of where the record is stored.

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Bill Sorrell served as Vermont's attorney general from 1997 until just a couple of days into 2017, when new Attorney General T.J. Donovan took office.

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As Vermont's first in-the-nation GMO labeling law goes into effect, the U.S. Senate may take up a federal bill that critics say would preempt state legislation and be much less clear to consumers.

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A private venture that was supposed to spark an economic renaissance in northern Vermont has turned into what state and federal authorities are calling a “Ponzi-like” fraud on foreign investors, who have allegedly been duped out of tens of millions of dollars by the owner of Jay Peak. 

Attorney General Bill Sorrell has closed a closed a criminal investigation into allegations that environmental activist Annette Smith has practiced law without a license.

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The Vermont State Police clarified Wednesday that Attorney General William Sorrell is not currently facing a criminal investigation for pay-to-play allegations, but said they may launch an investigation after state authorities consult with federal law enforcement officials on Friday.

A report completed by a lawyer appointed to investigate alleged illegal campaign finance activity and other actions by Democratic Attorney General William Sorrell and reviewed by a panel of county state’s attorneys does not recommend any sanctions or penalties, according to a draft report of his findings obtained exclusively by the Vermont Press Bureau.

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Chittenden County State’s Attorney TJ Donovan launched his second campaign for Attorney General in Burlington Thursday to a crowd of more than 100 prominent Democrats and supporters.

Donovan is the party favorite for the state’s top law enforcement post; incumbent Democratic Attorney General Bill Sorrell announced in September that he will not seek reelection.

The longest-serving attorney general in Vermont history says he won’t seek reelection in 2016.

Bill Sorrell, who has won reelection nine times since being appointed to the office by then-Gov. Howard Dean in 1997, announced Monday afternoon that this term will be his last.

“I had plans to have this be my last term for pretty close to five years now actually,” Sorrell said in a telephone interview Monday afternoon. “Now I’m just ready for a different chapter. I don’t know what that’s going to be, but I feel good.”

Nearly 3,000 registered vehicles registered in Vermont are potentially outfitted with a “defeat device” Volkswagen admitted to installing in cars to deceive emissions inspectors.

Attorney General Bill Sorrell launched an investigation into the issue Thursday, according to an announcement from his office.

Information released by the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles shows that there are 2,852 Volkswagens and 54 Audis registered as having four-cylinder diesel engines with model years 2009 to 2015.

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A 40-year-old woman from Barre Town has pleaded not guilty to shooting and killing a social worker with the Department for Children and Families on Friday. Jody Herring was arraigned in Washington County Court on Monday afternoon. She faces a single first-degree murder charge for allegedly killing Lara Sobel, who was part of a custody case involving Herring's daughter.

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The Vermont Progressive Party has joined a growing group of political insiders taking on Attorney General Bill Sorrell.

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Strange. Weird. Bizarre. Lawmakers, pundits and lobbyists have used all these words, and more, to describe the past 18 weeks in Montpelier. Amid all the drama, however, the Legislature managed to get some work done.

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Attorney General Bill Sorrell is in the midst of two big stories this week. First, a federal judge gave the state an important, if partial, win on Monday in a lawsuit over Vermont's GMO labeling law.

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The vice-chairman of the Vermont Republican Party is calling for an independent investigation of the state’s Democratic attorney general.

It isn’t the first time Brady Toensing has alleged campaign finance violations on the part of Attorney General Bill Sorrell. But Toensing says new evidence merits new legal scrutiny of the nine-term attorney general.

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Attorney General Bill Sorrell has filed a lawsuit alleging that a candidate who used public money to run for lieutenant governor last year violated campaign financing laws.

Sorrell says Progressive Democrat Dean Corren illegally sought help from the Democratic party.

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This week, Attorney General Bill Sorrell is attending the annual meeting of the National Attorneys General Association in Florida. Sorrell and a number of his colleagues want to know why the price of many generic drugs has increased dramatically in a very short period of time. In some cases, prices have jumped as much as 1,000 percent overnight.

Sorrell says the first step is taking an inventory of generic drug prices over the past six months.

The Attorney General is called the top legal officer in the state, which includes everything from defending state laws in court, to protecting consumers to reviewing the actions of police.  Incumbent Democrat Bill Sorrell and Republican challenger Shane McCormack meet in a live hour-long debate on VPR. (Liberty Union candidate Rosemarie Jackowski was invited but is unable to attend.)

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Dean Corren, Lieutenant Governor candidate for both the Progressive and Democratic parties, joined Attorney General Bill Sorrell for a campaign stop at a gas station in Burlington Monday morning, but they weren’t filling up.

The pair were hoping to bring attention to the discrepancy in gas prices between northwestern Vermont and other areas of the state, like Rutland. In photos taken Sunday, a gas station in Rutland showed a price of $3.39 for regular while a Burlington station was charging $3.58 – a 19 cent difference.