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The Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant closed in December 2014, and now the plant is auctioning off decades worth of accumulated inventory.

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The Vermont Arts Council gave out five statewide awards this week, and every recipient is from Windham County.

On the morning of Aug. 22, the Brattleboro Fire department discovered their computer system had been hacked and that files were stolen and encrypted.

The hackers demanded a ransom of about $2,600 to be paid in bitcoins.

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A Windham County research institute will get $830,000, as part of a $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation to continue to explore ways to turn human urine into fertilizer.

Book-lovers have the opportunity to mix and mingle with authors, poets and other readers at Brattleboro's The Lounge every Thursday night. 

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Far too often when we need to make a run to the store for groceries or other goods, we hop in the car or truck. But wouldn't be great to use your bike for a chore like that? If only your bike had the capacity to hold all those bags of stuff. In Brattleboro, there's an organization working to get more people on electric-assisted "cargobikes" to fill this need.

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A Brattleboro early education center is all moved into its new home in the former Austine School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

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The Vermont State Police officially raised the flag at its new $6.2 million barracks in Westminster Thursday.

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Across Vermont, organizations are experimenting with new models to combat homelessness. In some communities they're being welcomed, but in others, there's been push back.

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The Brattleboro Retreat has reclaimed a historic cemetery that was a burial place for patients who died while being treated at the psychiatric hospital.

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A ruling by the Vermont Supreme Court could change the legal landscape for mental health care in Vermont. The high court ruled that mental health professionals should provide more information about potentially dangerous patients who are leaving treatment.

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The Vermont Jazz Center recently purchased a Steinway D grand piano. The Steinway D is the gold standard for concert pianos, and it ups the game at the Brattleboro nonprofit music organization.

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The town of Brattleboro will move ahead with a plan to purchase the Brattleboro Reformer building as the new site for the town's police department.

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The global trade of secondhand clothing is valued in the billions. Locally, clothes that don’t sell in thrift shops are often gathered up and offered for sale to consumers around the world. But as that market falls apart, secondhand shops are taking an unexpected financial hit.

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Brattleboro's historic Austine School campus will soon have a new owner.

The U.S. bankruptcy court approved the sale of the former school for the deaf and hard of hearing to the Winston Prouty Center, an early education program in Brattleboro.

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More heroin is coming into Vermont than ever, state officials say, and the ripple effects are disturbing.  Families are facing tough choices as their loved-ones descend into addiction, and communities working to respond to the effects of addiction, including increased crime.

But Vermont's opiate epidemic also has a huge impact on the children who are living through the crisis.

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Vermont has tried to keep up with the opiate crisis by offering services to those directly affected by addiction. But the parents and spouses of addicts face a lonely and confusing journey of their own.

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The roof is collapsing on Brattleboro's reluctance to make improvements to the town's fire and police facilities.

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The towns in the Windham Southeast Supervisory Union will not be voting on school district mergers at town meeting.

But a vote might still be held before a July 1 deadline that gives the towns tax breaks under Act 46, the state's school district consolidation law.

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Brattleboro started a sidewalk compost program five years ahead of Vermont's 2020 mandate, and the move is already saving the town money.