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The town of Brattleboro will move ahead with a plan to purchase the Brattleboro Reformer building as the new site for the town's police department.

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The global trade of secondhand clothing is valued in the billions. Locally, clothes that don’t sell in thrift shops are often gathered up and offered for sale to consumers around the world. But as that market falls apart, secondhand shops are taking an unexpected financial hit.

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Brattleboro's historic Austine School campus will soon have a new owner.

The U.S. bankruptcy court approved the sale of the former school for the deaf and hard of hearing to the Winston Prouty Center, an early education program in Brattleboro.

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More heroin is coming into Vermont than ever, state officials say, and the ripple effects are disturbing.  Families are facing tough choices as their loved-ones descend into addiction, and communities working to respond to the effects of addiction, including increased crime.

But Vermont's opiate epidemic also has a huge impact on the children who are living through the crisis.

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Vermont has tried to keep up with the opiate crisis by offering services to those directly affected by addiction. But the parents and spouses of addicts face a lonely and confusing journey of their own.

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The roof is collapsing on Brattleboro's reluctance to make improvements to the town's fire and police facilities.

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The towns in the Windham Southeast Supervisory Union will not be voting on school district mergers at town meeting.

But a vote might still be held before a July 1 deadline that gives the towns tax breaks under Act 46, the state's school district consolidation law.

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Brattleboro started a sidewalk compost program five years ahead of Vermont's 2020 mandate, and the move is already saving the town money.

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One of Windham County's largest employers will stay in Vermont, after considering a relocation to New Hampshire.

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Road crews across the state are taking advantage of the warm days to catch up on projects they couldn't get done during the fall.

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Seven Windham County towns that have been used to receiving emergency planning money from Vermont Yankee will have to write budgets this year without that funding.

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The Brattleboro Retreat is asking the state to support a renovation of the hospital's adolescent unit.

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School districts in the Windham Southeast Supervisory Union could be voting on a consolidation proposal at town meeting this year under the Act 46 accelerated merger plan.

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Artists don't often begin a new project with a problem statement but that is just how Brattleboro photographer Liz LaVorgna got the inspiration for Coffee & Conversation: Stories Of Homelessness.

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Ronald Read's story went viral earlier this year when it was reported that the thrifty Vermonter left an estate of more than $8 million when he died.

Brattleboro's Brooks Memorial Library received part of it, and now the library is starting a renovation project thanks to Read's gift.

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Consumer demand is driving farmers to grow and sell more produce, even as the days grow shorter and colder.

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital settled claims made under the federal False Claims Act.
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Federal regulators have accepted a plan of corrections from Brattleboro Memorial Hospital following an unannounced site visit from the Division of Licensing and Protection.

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A Brattleboro company that was talking about moving to New Hampshire to expand will receive $1 million from the state of Vermont to encourage it instead to stay.

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The Brattleboro Selectboard has approved an option agreement to purchase the building that is currently occupied by the Brattleboro Reformer.

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The Brattleboro Fire Department is now saying that the fire that displaced 45 people last weekend is suspicious, and the department is asking the public's help in tracking down who might have started it.